UConn HealthResearch Tissue Repository Core Facility

Welcome to the Research Biorepository

The UConn Health Research Biorepository consists of de-identified tissue and/or blood samples and patient data obtained from consented patients coupled with a database of clinical and laboratory data. Identified samples are available to researchers. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive resource that will procure, characterize and distribute high quality human specimens according to rigid protocols and ethical guidelines. We are sponsored by the Carole and Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center and work closely with clinical and basic science investigators concentrating on translational research.

Our services include consenting of eligible patients, coordination for specimen collection, storage, data management and specimen distribution. We are able to collect specimens to Researcher's specifications, such as procurement in RPMI media or RNAlater. We offer H & E, unstained and frozen sections on slides as well as paraffin and OCT curls. RNA and DNA isolation from specimens are also available, using methods that preserve the integrity of the nucleic acids.

Please see the Biorepository Core site on the Research Store for pricing and a full listing of tissue sites and products available. For participating providers, consent forms are available by contacting the Biorepository.


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Photo of a researcher pipetting For a listing of tissue sites and products available, visit the Inventory page.